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What is Health?

Most people seek medical attention for symptoms that are either chronic or mysterious. The prevalent approach by the medical profession is to try and find a pathology (a degenerative condition), and/or to introduce pharmaceuticals aimed at suppressing the symptoms. This approach can be helpful in a life threatening situation but it is of little help with common problems. In fact it can be detrimental. This is why:

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Toxins adversely affect all humans albeit at different thresholds and with different affects. They can be external in source, (ingested or inhaled), and they can be internal in source – created by normal, as well as abnormal metabolisms. Toxins can be elemental (lead, mercury), biological (plants, germs, metabolic wastes), or synthetic (mostly petrochemical). They also include allergens – substances that affect certain individuals in a negative way, such as some foods, dust, mold, chemicals.

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