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Toxins adversely affect all humans albeit at different thresholds and with different affects. They can be external in source, (ingested or inhaled), and they can be internal in source – created by normal, as well as abnormal metabolisms. Toxins can be elemental (lead, mercury), biological (plants, germs, metabolic wastes), or synthetic (mostly petrochemical). They also include allergens – substances that affect certain individuals in a negative way, such as some foods, dust, mold, chemicals.

The body naturally detoxifies via exhalation, sweat, feces, and urine. When the body is overwhelmed toxins accumulate.

The Matrix

Un-eliminated toxins tend to sit in the connective tissue or matrix. This matrix can be described as the internal sea that surrounds the cells. All nutrients, metabolic products, and wastes, travel to and from the cells and blood and lymphatic vessels, via this matrix.

In a healthy body the matrix is fluid. It is maintained by body movement, inherent tissue movement, circulation, and respiration. The health of the matrix is vital for the efficient transportation and delivery of nutrients, and the effective elimination of toxins.

Trauma, (recent or old), often results in restricted muscle skeletal movement which can cause areas of stagnation in the matrix. This interferes with the efficiency of transportation and results in increased toxicity and decreased vitality.

Often pain related, this stagnation can be the underlying problem associated with symptoms such as fatigue, impaired immune status, decreased mental functioning, and poor healing ability. This perspective is the understanding and focus of biomechanical medicine (osteopathy).


There are many ways to detoxify. A holistic approach will consider the aspects of the nurturing model (see article titled What is Health?) and, as these aspects apply to an individual’s present status of health. Some approaches for example, will be too vigorous for someone who is in a highly toxic and/or weakened state. The organs of elimination can be overly taxed placing an unreasonable burden on the body.

A basic list of options for detoxification would include:

* skin related – sweating via sauna, exercise, hot baths
* remedy related – homeopathic detoxification regime, increased amounts of vitamin C, increased water
* treatment related – osteopathic therapy, colonic therapy, lymphatic drainage, massage
* dietary related – fasting, reduction of processed foods
* environment related – reduced toxic exposure, improved quality of water, air, light