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Health Consultations


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Health consultations with Dr. Blaney via Skype video or by telephone include personalized advice on:

  • diagnosis
  • chronic infection / Marshall Protocol
  • Lyme disease
  • intestinal disorders
  • hormones
  • candida
  • detoxification
  • pain management

Note: Although initial consultations are available by telephone/Skype, if you have a more complex condition, an in-office appointment is recommended.


Dr. Blaney and MSP:

MSP does not cover the services that Dr. Blaney provides. This includes the time needed to sustain thorough care in order that he may help people not only recover from their illness, but achieve greater longevity and quality of life. His work is aimed toward wellness.

To Book an Appointment:

Call 604-224-6583.

You will receive our voice messaging center. Please speak slowly and carefully and indicate that you are a new caller. Someone will respond within 24 hours.

Appointment options for the above mentioned service:

- one hour: Fee: $400  (complex cases need a longer appointment time)

- 1/2 hour: Fee: $200

Note: we reserve the right to participate in determining the length of appointment time as it will be based on the complexity of your presenting problem. The fee will be reflected in this adjustment.



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