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Myofascial Trigger Point Injection Therapy

Myofascial injection therapy is a form of acupuncture, and a compliment to the osteopathic manual therapy.

‘Myo’ means muscle, and ‘fascia’ is the thin layer of connective tissue that supports muscles and organs. Myofascial pain is a disorder in which pockets of muscle and connective tissue are in continual spasm. The therapist is trained to inject a small drop of anesthetic into these “trigger points” to help break the cycle of spasm. Trigger points can cause local, as well as referred pain, chronically tight muscles, and weakness. Besides pain, they adversely affect joint mobility and thus perpetuate structural blocks. Injecting short acting local anesthetics such as 1% Lidocaine or Procaine into trigger points, scars, and acupuncture points, helps restore the autonomic nervous system.

What Can Be Expected With Treatment

With needling, one can expect some discomfort from the needle penetration and a transient sharp pain when injecting scars or acupuncture areas. With trigger point injection, one will feel a twitch response as the trigger point is needled, along with either a brief pain referral, a body jerk, or a deep ache. The injected areas will often feel achy and tight after treatment. This is relieved with moist heat, gentle stretching, and rest. On occasion, there can be bruising.