The Stillpoint Project

Alternative Health Care

The Stillpoint Center Protocol

(Dr. Blaney’s modification of the Marshall Protocol)

The Stillpoint Center Protocol provides individualized guidance to insure the careful attention needed in the navigation of recovery from a chronic condition. This protocol is our unique approach to the infection that is now known to be the underlying cause of chronic ailments. The protocol is based on the research and therapy originally developed by Dr. Trevor Marshall and recognized as the ‘Marshall Protocol.’


Complimentary treatments such as osteopathic manual therapy, nutritional support, counseling, and homeopathic remedies are provided as needed. The process of this healing is intensive and sometimes challenging, and the patient’s participation and understanding of the principles, is vital.

There are 3 pillars of treatment:

1. Reduce inflammation
2. Activate the innate immune system
3. Support the body’s efforts to heal

1. Reduce inflammation

Inflammation inhibits the immune system. It weakens the body’s ability to identify disease-producing agents, called pathogens. Likewise, reducing inflammation, unburdens the organs and tissues and diminishes the associated symptoms.

Olmesartan, sometimes called Olmetec, Benicar, or Votrum, is a type of medication called an angiotensin receptor blocker and, it is medically recognized as a safe way to reduce the abnormal inflammation seen in many chronic illnesses. Technically, it does so, by decreasing what are called the pro-inflammatory cytokines.

2. Activate the innate immune system
A healthy immune system has numerous ways of identifying pathogens. One component of this important function occurs via receptors that are built into the cell’s nuclear membrane. They promote effective immune responses to a variety of pathogens including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Disease creating agents persist by blocking these identifying receptors. Clinical observations as well as computer modeling show that the medication mentioned above, called olmesartan, effectively reduces and eliminates this interference.

With restoration of innate immunity, infected cells are eliminated, and, what makes this such a dynamic process, one that calls for understanding on the part of the patient, is that, when infected cells are eliminated, there is an associated increase in symptoms. This phenom is medically understood as part of the overall healing process and it is temporary. It is called immunopathology or the Herxheimer (Herx) reaction.

The next step in activating the innate immune system, as the patient progresses with the use of olmesartan, is to introduce very low doses of particular antibiotics. These antibiotics effectively weaken the bacteria, and act as signaling agents to elicit immune response. Each antibiotic affects different tissue and different pathogens. This results in complex immune responses creating a wide variety of symptoms. Careful monitoring is mandatory and must be done under the specifically trained guidance of a qualified physician.

Typical Herx symptoms:

• Digestive: increased frequency of heartburn, gas, loose stool, cramps, constipation
• Kidney-Bladder: increased frequency of urination, prostatic inflammation, transient decrease in libido, erectile dysfunction, menstrual irregularity, painful periods
• Fatigue: this is common however, most patients enjoy an improved and deeper sleep
• Skin: itchiness, pimples, rashes, increased intensity of pre-existing skin problems
• Muscle and joint pain, tired muscles
• Air hunger
• Loss of stamina
• Lightheadedness, dizziness
• Palpitations, chest pain: these can be worrisome but are usually benign
• Weight gain, fluid retention
• Brain fog
• Emotional swings, anxiety, excessive worry

3. Support the body’s efforts to heal

• Hydration: Drink plenty of fluids, 2 to 4 liters per day
• Rest: Allow for plenty of time to rest and/or sleep
• Diet: Avoid foods containing Vitamin D; eat a low carbohydrate diet and especially low in sugars and refined carbohydrates; eat adequate protein; eat organic foods as much as possible and as unprocessed as possible; you may increase your salt intake if you are experiencing lightheadedness.
• Sunlight: Though variable, most patients will benefit from reducing their exposure to sun and bright light, especially early on in the process.
• Exercise: this varies with each individual
• Pain management: via experienced advice and appropriate remedies such as homeopathics
• Osteopathy: regular osteopathic treatments scheduled throughout this healing process can be highly beneficial especially if there is a significant element of muscle or joint pain. Osteopathy balances the over all system and supports healing, facilitates detoxification, reduces unnecessary biomechanical stress, and stimulates the immune system.


Dr. Blaney and MSP:

MSP does not cover the services that Dr. Blaney provides. This includes the time needed to sustain thorough care in order that he may help people not only recover from their illness, but achieve greater longevity and quality of life. His work is aimed toward wellness.


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Services covered by the initial appointment:


- review of all health related issues

- a full physical examination



-  Dr. Blaney will go over your treatment protocol and answer any questions or concerns

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